Help! Easiest way to join colors multiple times?

I am a self-taught beginner knitter, and for my first big project, I am working on this scarf:

I am a bit confused about how to join colors vertically. The way I have been doing it (I’ve finished about 1.5 inches of the vertical stripe pattern) is to join the colors by making a slip knot with the new color around the old color and weaving in the tails later. This is creating so much work and my version doesn’t look as nice as the pattern (see my photo).

Is there a better way to knit vertical stripes that doesn’t require so much weaving of tails?


You don’t need to cut the yarn on each row. Just drop the blue and pick up the white when you get to the change, then drop the white and pick up the blue when you get to the next color change.

There’s a video here, on intarsia that will help you.

More intarsia info here to see how the wrapped sts appear on the back (how color is carried up…no cut ends).


Yes, you’ll have two strands of blue and one in white.

Another way to do a scarf with a longways stripe is to knit it with the long-side stitches on a long circular needle. Cast on for the length of the scarf and knit stripes. :shrug:

Thanks for all your help!

I’ve decided to unravel the striped portion that I started and start over. How do I join the new color for the first time?

Do I have to cut the yarn into long strands or can i keep it in the skein?

You can keep it in the skeins, but at some point the strands will become twisted as you twist the colors on the back. Long strands are easier to pull out of a tangle, but then you’d have to attach new yarn as you run out. So your choice is whether you want to untangle the skeins now and then or start new yarn and have lots of ends.

When working with more than one skein, remember to turn your work clockwise after one row, counterclockwise the next. That’ll prevent them from tangling.