Help! Dropped stitch!

Hi so I’m working on a shawl for my grandmother. I accidently dropped a YO, K1,P1,K1 stitch. I have been trying to fix it, but I don’t know how. Please help me! I really don’t want to undo the entire row and the one before it (200+ stitches) just to fix this one stitch.

Which stitch are you missing? It’s three rows back?

First, secure the dropped stitch with a piece of yarn or a removable marker. Knit over to the column with the dropped stitch. If there is a stitch above the dropped stitch, let it drop off the needle and ladder down to the row with the mistake. If no stitch above, you can start to repair the dropped stitch. You can use 2 dpns to re-knit the mistake and then ladder back up to the working needle.
This tutorial may help (see fig. 15). It shows placing a dpn into the mistake or dropped stitch first and then re-working that area.

You may want to consider using a lifeline in case you need to take out some rows to do a repair although I hope that won’t happen to you!

this may be one of the most helpful links i’ve seen. ever. :wink:

If it was just a regular knitted stitch, that would probably work. However, this stitch that dropped was a YO K1 P1 K1 stitch so I don’t really know how I am supposed to fix it. Plus, I don’t have any dpns that are the same size as my circular ones.

[I]YO, K1,P1,K1 stitch [/I] This is really 4 stitches. If you missed the yo you might not have enough yarn to fix it this way to your satisfaction. It also depends upon how many rows you need to rework in order to get back to where you are. The more rows you need to do, the tighter things will get. If you have smaller needles you can try using them and while dpn may be the best you can use other needles. I generally prefer trying my fixes with smaller needles and adjusting the tension afterward by pulling gently on the legs of the stitches with a needle tip.

Yes, I agree, using a different smaller size needle is fine. Even if it’s more than one stitch, the idea is still that you knit to the column with the mistake, drop down to the error and re-do it. Sometimes, however, the re-do doesn’t look right or it becomes confusing and the best thing in the end is to frog the rows and re-knit. It’s painful but it’ll work.
If you go this route it may help to run a smaller needle into the destination row if you can to keep from losing more than one or two rows.

Also, I hope this never happens to you again but, inserting a lifeline can make this all a bit less painful.