Help! double knitting?

please help me.
i’ve tried everything!
i just cant double knit w/ a chart!
please help me!
oh, and the edges confuse me too.
how does it work w/ the amount of stitches?
i’ve tried many many many things.
so any ideas?
thank you.

Yikes, that’s quite a user name. :??

When asking questions it helps if you are very specific.What pattern are you trying to make?

well, it’s not on the website.
i made it myself.
its a scarf w/ a lot of hearts of all different sizes.
and it’s white w/ the hearts in a light blue color.
i know exactly what double knitting is supposed to look like.
and i know what i’m supposed to do.
but it just never works out.

With double knitting you’re always switching between knits and purls and the front color and back color. The hard part is keeping track of the two yarns and knowing which is which. So on the background part, you have a blue side and a white side. The color that is facing you is always going to get knit stitches and the color facing away is always going to get purl stitches (if you want the outside to be all knit stitches). When you switch colors thats when the two pieces of knitting interlock, and you have the different colored hearts. So when you come to the heart you’re just knitting with the other color and purling the color that used to be in front. I hope this makes sense. Feel free to ask more questions.

I think in terms of (in the idea of Red and Blue)
red, and, red, and Blue and blueHope this helps and blue and red and red and red
the color is the color i Knit, and the other color (the one NOT mentioned) is purled (and thus done in reverse on the back side)

hope This helps


I guess you sent this to me in a PM as well so I responded there. You can answer here though so everyone can help you. :thumbsup: