Help! Don't understand loop stich in loopy velez cowl in Stitch n Bitch


I am quite new to knitting and am trying to knit the loopy velez cowl in Debbie Stoller’s Stitch n Bitch. However, I don’t understand the loop stitch!
The part I don’t understand says

*M1 bring yarn to front and back again to make a loop, anchoring it down with thumb; slip M1 onto left needle, k2tog, rep from *

I am knitting continental style. I am unsure: do I make the loop with the right or left needle? and what do I do with it when I slip M1 onto left needle? (So far, I have been making the loop with the right needle and then just k2tog, ignoring the loop, which makes for very very long … how do you call them? stitches? in the next round. I don’t see where the loop should be to tighten. (Do I keep it on the needle???)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You make the loop in the yarn with a finger, hold it, then secure it with the M1. I think there’s a video for a loop st on the Tips page, that may help.

Great! Thanks! it is working now!