Help dog got a hold of my unfinished front piece of my sweater

Help!! Calling all Knitters & Yarn enthusiast. I’ve had a major catastrophe smack in the middle of the first sweater I’m knitting (ugh… I can usually fix most blunders but this one is… ‘dog’…related & caused) {OK I guess I did leave it where he could get to it so it’s more my fault than I want to admit right now :angry:}

I’ve already finished the back piece, the issue I need help is how to proceed with the remaining front piece. I’ve already knitted half of the front (of course it’s the front that got the problem, I right) the dog unravelled my working skein and that plus the working piece ended up in the swimming pool. Here are my choices : 1. Dry both together then continue as if nothing happened OR 2. Cut the unravelled skein dry it separately & pick up with an unmolested skein after the piece is dry. Or maybe someone has a 3rd option?

Please let me know before I do something drastic :persevere:

Oh no!! Well, I think cutting the yarn might be best, but it’s the skein completely messed up? Can you rewind it?

Are you able to get any more of the same yarn for your project?

If it is your first sweater, you may decide to remove the section which is destroyed and then pick up the stitches and knit up from that. But the magic of knitting come in that many patterns can also be knit top down without looking like you did anything differently. This does not involve splicing using the Kitchner stitch, you just splice in your skein of in destroyed yarn and after putting your stitches back on the needle, you begin knitting top down.

Beginner knitters often have trouble recognizing a twisted stitch from one mounted correctly for your knitting style. Be sure all your stitches have the proper leg in front. For Western Continental, the leg in front is towards you, but if you are a Combined Knitter like me, the leading leg is the back leg. If the stitches look differently, you know you got the stitch mount wrong.

Once you learn the proper orientation for your knitting, you are halfway on your journey to solving many knitting problems yourself.