HELP! Does Anyone Have or Know Where I Can Get This Button (for a Cardi)?

I’m really not happy with the buttons on my Oblique. I wanted to put these bamboo ones on it, but am [COLOR=Red]1 short[/COLOR]!

Does anyone have one that I can buy or know where I might be able to purchase it???

Here’s a pic. of the buttons (and below the cardigan), with lens cap for scale:

Sorry, the closest I found are these:

Hope someone else has better luck.

That’s it EXACTLY!!! Thanks!

P.S.: Love the Miss Marple quote. I’m more of a Poirot fan, she’s always so persnickety (sic?), BUT now that I know she’s a knitter I will have to read her more. What book is that from, do you know?

I wanted to warn anyone reading this AGAINST buying from this site. I DOOOOO appreciate the help, I know you had nothing to do with my difficulties with them, but I wanted to warn nonetheless.

Not only did I NOT get the buttons which I paid for, but due to that transaction, but apparently the transaction was NOT secure and I should have noticed that!!! Due to that, I had $150 taken from my account (whether with or without the site’s knowledge I don’t know, I’m not pointing fingers because the bank can’t tell me for sure). So BE CAREFUL when you buy online! :wink:

I got my buttons in the mail the day after I posted that last post. I also checked out the website and the checkout WAS unsecured, so it’s possible the theft was done entirely unbeknownst to the web site owner. This is just a good lesson to ALWAYS look for the little padlock in your browser AND to click on it and read the security info, because I hear that that can be faked nowadays.

Due to that, I had $150 taken from my account

Just as an aside, I don’t know if you’re using a debit card or not, but if you want to avoid using debit and don’t have or want a credit card, you can get a “cash card” type card to use for internet transactions—it’s a “credit card” that you load money on–so if your transaction isn’t secure or you have a problem with it–you can only lose whatever is on there.

That is an awesome idea!!! I never thought of it! :muah:

Arielluria, I am so sorry. I didn’t realize the “company” was that incompetent, otherwise I would have never provided the link.

Lisa, I had not realized you could use a cash card over the internet.

NOT your fault at all!!! :hug: I work in web development and I should have remembered to look at that!!! My own stupid fault!

I did get my fabulous buttons! And I learned a valuable lesson. PLUS I got a great tip (last post b Lisa R.) about using a pre-paid card for online shopping!

Everything in life can turn into a good thing if you let it!