Help! Diamond Textured Mitts Pattern

I’m new to knitting, self taught, and I’ve just started working on a free glove pattern from ( but I have run into a some confusion with the directions. The beginning of the pattern called for 32 sts to be Cast On and split for the round, then worked in K2, P2 ribbing for 3". This part was fine. It wasn’t until the next few sections that I started getting confused.

[COLOR=“Magenta”][I]Purl one round, then knit three rounds, placing markers after first and before last sts of round. Purl one round.[/I][/COLOR]

I didn’t really get what the pattern was asking me to do and I took it to mean that I was supposed to place a marker on the needle only after the very first stitch of the round and then once before the last stitch of the round on the other needle. I still think I was mistaken but I knit those rounds and kept switching the markers to the new rows. After reading the next part of the pattern, I was officially confused and decided to post for help.

[COLOR=“Magenta”][I][B]Thumb gusset increases[/B]
Round 1: K to 1st marker, M1R, SM, work to next marker, SM, M1L, K to end.
Round 2: Knit plain to marker, work hand as given, knit plain after second marker.[/I][/COLOR]

The way/places I have the markers in my work make these next directions not make sense.

Please help! I’m really confused and at a standstill till I get this all figured out. I guess what I need to have explained to me is where exactly they are asking me to place the markers because the whole next section depends on their placement.

Also, does “knit plain” just mean to knit?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much!


In case it helps, here is the next part of the pattern after what I have already posted:

[COLOR=“Magenta”][I]Work Gusset Increase a total of 7 times. [COLOR=“Black”](the last posted part)[/COLOR]

At the same time, work from Seed Texture Chart; work chart over the 15 sts after the first stitch marker for the Left mitt, and over the 15 sts before the second marker for the Right mitt. Work the palm in St st.[/I][/COLOR]

Nope, you put the markers in the right place. You’re going to increase in the sts before and after them. They’d look like this - mvvm - with the beg of round marker between the 2 sts, so you’ll have 3 markers there. When you do - “[COLOR=Black][I]Round 1: K to 1st marker, M1R, SM, work to next marker, SM, M1L, K to end.” [/I]- k to the marker just after the beg of rnd marker, m1, sl marke, knit all the way around to the next marker[I], [/I]slip it, m1 and knit to end of round. On the first round, there’s only one st between the round marker and the others, but after a couple inc rounds there will be a few more. Knit plain means to knit a round with no incs. So you do the first inc round, knit one round, do another inc round, knit a round, until you’ve knit the inc round 7 times altogether. That will give you 14 more sts, which will be between the 1st and 2nd markers, split by the beg of round marker.[/COLOR]

When you knit in the round, you are making a spiral tube. You work the tube of ribbing for the wrist. Then place a marker on the needle & purl across for 1 round til you reach the stitch above the marker. That makes one row of purl ridge bumps. Then switch back to knitting for 3 rounds. Then another purl ridge row. The marker is just to remind you where to change stitches.

The thumb gusset has increases that make a wedge so the tube widens out for the thumb opening. Those aren’t the same markers as you are using now.

Thanks so much for the help! I feel silly now for being so confused. I think I was thinking of the M1 as a stitch to be worked instead of having to create it. That’s why I was thinking that the marker being second “stitch” in the round was a problem. Suzeeq you’ve been very helpful the last couple days to me, thanks again :slight_smile:

Ahh no, the M1 is an increase you make between other sts.