Help desperately needed!


Hi am new to knitting and am stuck. I am knitting an all in one and sleeping bag for a baby 0-6 months I have followed pattern to casting on 16 stitches at end of next 2 rows for the sleeves and knitted until it measured 13 cms from these cast on stitches. I am now stuck. The pattern then says to cast off loosely placing markers at each side of centre 16 stitches to denote back of neck. What do I need to do?


Is it a free pattern that you can provide a link to? It usually helps a lot if we get to see the pattern. From your description it sounds like you should leave 16 stitches in the middle while binding off the rest, but I might completely wrong.



Welcome to KH!
The pattern wants you to mark the center 16 sts so that later you can use the ares of those sts as part of the hood. For the smallest size, count over 28sts, place a marker or safety pin near the next stitch, count 16 center sts and place a second marker. There should be 28sts after the center 16. Now cast off all the sts.
If you read further in the pattern maybe under the directions for the hood or Finishing you’ll see some instruction about picking up sts or attaching the hood over the marked space.

Very sweet pattern.


Thank you so much for your help can I ask another question please? I’m on the section shape neck it tells me to work 5 rows dec 1 stitch at neck edge in next and every following alt row do I work 5 rows and then start the decrease or does the decrease start straight away ?


The decrease starts right away so you’ll decrease on rows 1,3 and 5. The stitch counts help to figure this out.
I agree that these are confusing directions. It would help if the abbreviation “dec” was spelled out as “decreasing”.