Help designing scarf pattern?

I’m an undergrad at Penn, and I’ve recently been commissioned by a friend of mine to make him a Penn scarf. I agreed to undergo the project, but ran into some problems designing the pattern. He wants the Penn crest on one end and the Penn logo on the other end, and in the middle just stripes or some easy pattern like that. The problem I’m encountering, though, is that I can’t think of any way to make the patterns for the crest and the logo, and make both sides of the scarf look neat. I know I could double-knit, but it seems silly to double-knit an entire scarf for 2 little boxes of pattern, each about 6" square. But he doesn’t want the wrong side of the scarf to be messy with strands or what have you. What is a way to do this?

How about this:

Double knit the last 7 or 8" of the scarf…which will include the logo and crest…(2 pieces)…leave the stitches “live”…don’t bind off…

knit the middle/center span of the scarf as a third piece…don’t bind off…

and [U]graft[/U] the ~36" scarf to the double-knit pieces.

To level out the thickness issue, use double strands to knit the 36" part of the scarf.

Don’t use worsted wt yarn. Use dk (or lighter) weight. Don’t cast on an enormous amount of stitches. Since it will be doubly thick, you don’t need a huge width.

Well, that is my 2 cents. Hope it gives you some design options.

Oh, that’s quite a good idea which hadn’t occurred to me. I’m curious, though…is it possible to do duplicate stitch on double-knit fabric, and “hide” the messy backs of the stitches between the two pieces? Because the scarf is going to be red and blue, but the crest needs to have some white detail (which is why I wanted to use duplicate stitch in the first place), and it would make more sense to stitch that in later.

You know, Madeline, that is a brilliant idea! Just knit the scarf…leaving a plain st st field for the duplicate stitches!

However, I dunno about hiding the duplicate stitches on the reverse side!

Oh, how about this idea: knit the scarf in-the-round…working the crests, etc. between the markers that will be the ‘front’ sides.
The scarf would be a tube, but, so what? You could steam it flat, and…you could take some self-yarn running stitches along each long edge to accentuate the sides.

I made a pullover back in 2005 for an Alaskan Cruise, and the color work was drivin’ me batty. It was the charts. They were nutty.

So, I did duplicate stitch for all of it!

Another thought would be to start knitting flat and make the logo
using intarsia then join in the round for the middle stripey section
then go back to flat for the other end for the other logo then just
seam up the two end sections to make it a tube all the way. All
the messy ends will be hidden inside once the seaming is done!

Just a thought…
Libbie :slight_smile: