Help desciphering sock pattern

I’m doing the “56 row 56 stitch” sock pattern listed in the pattern section of this site. So far I love the pattern - very basic. Anyway, I’m stuck on one part. I’m just starting on the heel flap and here’s the part that I need clarified:

“Work the heel back and forth as follows: Row 1: (WS) Slip 1 as if to purl, purl to last st, K1, turn Row 2: (RS) Slip 1 as if to purl, take yarn to back between the needles, K1 slip 1 across row, ending K1, turn.”

It’s the bold part that I’m unsure of. I got the first slip 1 then K1, now for the remaining slip stitches across the row am I doing them as if to purl or as if to knit? :??

For right side rows, [knit one, slip one] across.
For wrong side rows, slip one, purl across.
Slip as if to purl.

Gotcha. Thanks! :smiley: