Help - Decreasing in the round

I’m knitting a raglan top from the top down in the round. I’m at the point where I’m needing to decrease by 4 stitches every 10 rows.

What I have done is do the decreases at the part of the sweater where the front and back pieces meet (I am below the armholes) - and I did this by doing (think about this from the top down) a K2tog decrease on the left side of the “seam” and a SSK decrease on the right side of the “seam” - now that I’m looking at it, however, I think that I probably should have done it the opposite way, because if I look at the “seam” the stitches actually turn out from each other and there is a tiny hole

What do people think - would things be much better if I had a SSK on the left side of the seam and a K2tog on the right side?? :thinking:


When I decrease, and I don’t know where I got this–I’m sure some book somewhere, I dec k2tog to the right of the seam and ssk to the left. That’s on bottom-up. So I guess top down would be opposite of that. Maybe you can try it on another set of needles and see the difference and pick the one you like best in that yarn.

hmmm - so the reverse of that is actually what I did already right?

and if that is what I already did - do you observe the same thing that I do - that the stitches kind of turn away from one another leaving a little hole?

Come to think about it, when I’ve been decreasing that way lately, I’ve been knitting down a sleeve in the round. To it would be the opposite of what you’ve been doing! Duh. :oops: Sorry if this caused any confusion.

K2 tog gives you a right-slanting dec

ssk gives you a left-slanting dec

I guess you have to go with looks best. I would think on a ragland shaping that you would want a left slanting dec on the right side of the seam and a right slanting dec on the left side of the seam. So from the top down you would do the opposite of what you are doing now?

As I’m typing this I see that you posted about the little hole. I just looked at my sleeves and there are no holes. Its in Dalegarn Falk–dk wool, if that makes a difference.

thanks for your help - I should go with my gut - I thought it looked backwards and it probably is - I will try it tonight (I don’t mind frogging in the name of never making this mistake again)

I thinks it’s better to frog now than to wish later on that you had.