Help Decreasing in Diagonal Basketweave

Does anyone know how to decrease in diagonal baskestweave in the round? I’m working on a hat, and decreasing by k2tog bl to try and hide the decrease in the slant of the stitches. But it keeps coming out off set so that instead of having a weave look, the stitches are starting to form diagonal lines. Any recommendations to avoid this? Thanks!

What pattern are you following for the hat? If you’re working the usual decrease every other row at regular internals (k2tog, k8 then k2tog, k7, followed by k2tog, k6 etc.) then you will get a spiral of decreases. Depending on the pattern you could work a centered double dec (CDD) or k2tog and ssk in some sequence that follows the diagonals. I’ve made hats with k2tog, ssk near each other in several places to maintain pattern. Similar to this:

I’m not using a pattern, I couldn’t find one that used the diagonal basketweave only the cabled basket so I’ve been somewhat winging it. I figured in theory since it already uses a ktbl that a k2tog tbl, worked in that k8, k2tog etc decrease would be fine but the spirals appeared. Do you think if I alternated the type of decrease every other decrease row, swapping a ssk for the k2tog tbl, it would prevent the spiraling? I may be overcomplicating this one for myself. If you know of any good diagonal basketweave hat patterns and could point me in the right direction that would be great too!

You’re on the forefront of design here so trying different combinations of decreases is a good idea. You don’t have to do the conventional, spiral decrease (see the photo I posted of the cathedral window hat).
There are also hats with a flattened circle finish

and hats that give up the main design when it comes to the decreases.
Good luck with it!