Help decreasing in Debbie Bliss Pinafore pattern

This pattern is starting to drive me nuts. I decided to knit Debbie Bliss’s Pinafore pattern (I believe it’s from her ‘Essential Baby’ book) and I’ve become stuck on the first row of decreases. The pattern reads:

Dec row [right side] K4, [k2tog] 22 times, k3. 73 sts.

I started with 117 sts, so to get to 73 sts I’d have to decrease by 44, but I cannot seem to do this following the pattern. Any suggestions?

Yeah, that doesn’t compute, k2tog 22 times results in decreasing 22 sts, not 44. Check around the internet to see if there’s ‘errata’ or corrections for this pattern.

From what I’ve seen, there is not. I will keep checking though, thank you for the advice.

Are you sure of the 117sts to start with? Is there possibly another decrease row before the one you quoted, a row that decreases to 95sts?
I didn’t see any problems mentioned in a dozen of the projects posted on Ravelry.

I haven’t seen anyone else having problems with this either.

As for there being a decrease row before the one I quoted, I can’t find one. The only place stitches could have been lost, or decreased is in the eyelet row, which is a basic yo, k2tog pattern. Other than that, it’s all seed stitch until the quoted row.