Help deciphering this!

Hi all, happy new year! I’m attempting to start this hat (there’s a link to the PDF on that page) for a friend of mine, and I’m stuck on the instructions at the very beginning (always a good sign right?).

Temporarily cast on 112 stitches. K1, P1 around for 2” (14 rows). Change to P1, K1 around
for another 2”. Pick up cast-on edge and slip stitches on needle(s) in this way: 1 stitch from the
round you have just worked, followed by 1 stitch from the cast-on edge. You will have 224
stitches on the needle.

To temporarily cast on, does that mean a provisional cast on? I’ve never tried that before, but at least I’ve heard of it. Also, how exactly would you pick up the cast-on edge? :?? So confused!

Yes, temporary, provisional and invisible are all the same cast on. I never could figure out the one that Amy has in the video section so I do this one -

You can also knit 3 or 4 rows of a contrasting color and then take that out later to put the live stitches on the needles. I’ve done this, but I prefer the linked one above.

After you’ve done the provisional cast on and ribbed for 2", take out the sts of the cast on and place them on a spare needle. Then you can put them onto the working needle alternately with the sts from the last round.

To pick up the cast on edge, when you remove the provisional CO, you have live sts so you insert a needle as you take out the CO st by st, then the sts are on a needle so you can finish them however you’re supposed to. It helps if you use a needle at least a size or 2 smaller, it’s easier to get into the loops.

After I do the provisional cast-on with a piece of waste yarn, how do I join in the round with my working yarn? Do I just work the first round with my working yarn and then join?

Yep, that would work.