Help deciphering this pattern

Can anyone help me figure this out? I’m working on this wine cozy and I am at the part where you’re forming a ridge where the base of the bottle would go.

The instructions say

Next Row [WS]: [With left needle, pick up purl bump of next st, 6 rows down, p this st tog with next st on needle] to end of row. This will form a ridge on the right side of the work.

I’m confused as to where to even begin, because after turning my work over to the wrong side, all my stitches are already on the left needle, ready to be worked. So how can I possibly pick up a purl bump in the work with that same needle?! Am I missing something? :??

I’m also really confused about the whole picking up the next stitch part…

I think - You’ll be picking up that stitch with the left needle and then work it with the right needle [I]together[/I] with the original stitch. You’ll be working the two stitches together like k2tog.

The idea is to look at the next st and follow it down 6 rows. You can use the right hand needle to pick up the loop from that stitch and put it onto the left hand needle if that’s easier. Then you knit the loop together with the stitch on the needle. You’re making a tuck in the knitted fabric that will form the ridge on the wine cozy.
There’s also a note that may help with the ridge. I’ve never tried this technique myself although I’ve picked up sts for a ridge before:

To make it easier to pick up purl bumps in a straight line when forming the ridge, thread a length of cotton embroidery floss through the purl bumps of the appropriate row first. This can easily be picked out every inch or two, as sts are picked up.

Yes! I figured it out shortly after I asked the question. It’s actually pretty obvious, I just didn’t realize you had to use the right needle to pick up the bump and slip it on the left needle. Duhhhh! :doh: Lol, thanks!

I do that all the time. I think just the act of putting it in words helps your head figure it out. :thumbsup: