Help deciphering pattern

I downloaded a pattern called “Wren” and I’ve only gotten to the end of the ribbing stage and have problems understand how to knit the back. this is the part I’m confused about

Row 2: P1, * k1, p1, rep from * across. Rep these 2 rows once more, end on WS, dec 19 sts across last row – 80(90-100-110-120) sts.

Do I decrease 9 stitches from the end of the 4th row and 10 on the 5th row? Also I looks very strange after decreasing. Its like theres a “tab” of decreased stitches on each endpoking out. " Is it supposed to happen?

With this gauge

20 sts = 4”; 28 rows = 4” in St st on size 8 needles

is the 20 sts = 4" based on 6mm needs? and 28 rows = 4" in St st on 8mm needles?

Really confused. My first big project.


On the final row of your ribbing, you should decrease evenly across the row, so about every 4 stitches and end up with as many stitches you should have for the size you’re making.

Both gauge figures are for the same needle size. You should get 20 stitches across to equal 4 inches, and 24 rows vertically to measure 4 inches.

I was starting to answer but realized Ingrid beat me to it! :thumbsup:

[QUOTE=Ingrid;907778]On the final row of your ribbing, you should decrease evenly across the row, so about every 4 stitches and end up with as many stitches you should have for the size you’re making.

how to decrease evenly across the row? I’m really confused… so is it like 4 stitches from the beg of the 4th row and 5th row and keep going until you have reduced the whole row to 80 stitches? Sorry I don’t really understand.

No, you don’t want to do your decreases just at the sides. You want to decrease evenly across the last row. So you’ll do Row 2, then repeat to do Rows 3 and 4. Assuming Row 4 is on the WS, it will be your last row.

If you you’re making the medium, say, and have 119 stitches, you’ll want knit 4 stitches, then decrease 1. If you repeat this–k4, decrease 1–across the whole row, and then K the last 5 w/o a decrease, you should get 100 stitches, and your decreases will be evenly spaced.

No, she means knit 4 sts, dec, knit another 4, dec, all the way across the row. By the time you’re done you should have about 80 sts… How many did you start with though? You may need to put the decreases every 3rd or 5th stitch depending on the original number.

so I guess I nee to undo my ribbing… knit the 1st row without decreasing? and then start decreasing from row 2? I started out with 100 stitches trying to knit the "32 siZed one. if you knit 4 decrease 4 wouldn’t your ribbing end up with a lot of holes? especially if you are doing it in the same row? the ribbing should only be 4 rows. If I’m only decreasing by one 1 stitch for every 4 stitches then I’d need make 10 rows of ribbing.

No–only decrease on row 4. All 19 stitches on row 4 only. Leave your ribbing intact, and when you start to do row 4, on the wrong side of your work, knit the first 4 stitches normally, and then decrease one. Then knit 4 more, and decrease 1 again. Repeat through the end of the row. At the end of row 4, you should have done 19 decreases. That’s all there is to it! Make sense? :slight_smile:

I’m now up to the stage where it says decrease 1 stitich every 1" 1/2 inch once - is this decrease at the beginning or end of the row? and then then every 1" 3 times - decrease 1 in the beg,mid,and end?


It says at the beginning of the next row. which would be at the neck edge as you wear it.

how many times do I decrease “1 stitch every 1 1/2” once"??



thanks for ypur help … its so confusing “every” & "once " in the same sentence… dunno what they mean

do you mean once in the beg & end? cause previously u said to keep the decreases at an even rate…

I didn’t say it, but Ingrid knows the pattern and said to dec at the beginning of the row. Once means one time.

Some patterns are just worded funny. It could be that they use a standard system and plug in ‘once’ or ‘twice’ for a pattern, or maybe at one time the pattern had more sizes or something.

It is confusing to hear every other row once, but that’s what it is.:shrug:

It helps to remind yourself of what part of the pattern you’re doing. Here you’re working on the front and the edge has to slant in, so that’s where the decreases are going to go.

I’m at the stage where it says at every 3/4" 4 times more 80(90-100)then knit till the length is 12.5"… does it mean add 4 stitches at beg & end of next row when it reaches 3/4" or every 3/4" add 1 at beg and end 4 times until I reach 80 stitches and it is 12.5" long?

Every 3/4" do an increase row until you’ve done 4 inc rows, and you should have 80 stitches, then knit without increases until it’s 12½" long.

I’m at the arms holes - it says Dec 1 st each side every RS row 5. what does it mean?

Knit two together at each edge when you are working the right side rows. Do this for 5 right side rows.