Help deciphering pattern from SnB Nation

Hi there, I’m relatively new to the world of stitches beyond the basic knit, purl, increases and decreases. Can anyone please help me decipher this pattern (arm warmers from Stitch n Bitch Nation)?

>>sl right needle through next 3 sts as if to k, k through the front, back, and front of all 3 sts

I tried searching online but I am having trouble visualizing what this looks like, esp the last part of the instructions.

Forgot to say, thanks!

I have never heard of that before, but usually if you just do what they say it works and that is the case here (I think :-)). You do it just like a regular KFB increase (see the videos for this knit front back increase, if you don’t know it) except you are going to work it through all three stitches at once. So, you know how to K2tog? Insert the needle like you would for that, only instead of going over 2 stitches, go over to the 3rd stitch. Then working like all three stitches were only one stitch, do a KFB increase. It’s a bit unusual, but that’s what the doctor ordered. LOL

It’a dec and increase in one stitch I think. Put the right needle into the next 3 sts together as if to knit (you’d insert the needle into the 3rd st first) then wrap the yarn around the needle, leave the triple sts on the left, twist the left needle around so you can knit into the back of it, then knit through the front again.

Merigold - your suggestion is right except it should have a final knit through the front after the KFB…suzeeq, that was right on! clear description, thanks! I think I got it now :slight_smile:

LOL I knew that! Sorry, I didn’t [U]say[/U] that. I’m glad you got it going now.