Help deciphering a pattern?

I am starting out on my first bumpy and tentative steps to crochet and would really like help with a pattern if anyone could guide me.

The pattern is here:
for the crochet flower coaster.

This is what I understand so far:
Round 1: Yarn A:

  1. Chain 3, slip stitch (slip st) to form a ring
    (yep makes sense, chain 3 and join them in a ring)

the next step confuses me:
2. Ch 1, 8 single crochet (sc) in 3-Ch space, join with slip st

I understand it means chain 1 and then do 8 single crochet stitches… but where do I put my single crochet stitches?

Any help would be thoroughly appreciated!


When you’ve joined your chains into a ring, you then put your 8 single crochets into the ring. Start each sc by putting your hook into the center of the ring (as opposed to an actual stitch). The 8 single crochets will be together on the ring…you may even have to scrunch them up to make them all fit. I hope this makes sense.

I put some pictures showing something similar in this thread, .

Thanks for that Mike.
Abi, Mike’s pic #2 shows exactly where your hook should go when you do your 8 single crochets into the ring.

Ah, perfect!! And pictures too… very helpful :slight_smile:

I shall try in the next few days and let you know how I get on.

Everyone is so helpful on this forum… thank you so much!!