Help deciphering a pattern for my first cardigan sweater


I hope somebody can help! The time has come for me to graduate from hats and scarves. I picked this most adorable sweater, but am having trouble understanding it. It’s free so I hope it’s okay to post the link:
The back of the sweater has a wide angle pattern of 12 rows. I am having trouble when it comes to the rows for shaping the arm holes that begin with BO. I’ll paste them in and bold them

Using 3.5 mm needles, CO 81 sts and k 14 rows (garter stitch)
Using 4 mm needles, work in wide-angle pattern until piece measures 25 cm.
Next row: BO 3 sts, work in wide-angle pattern
Next row: BO 3 sts, work in wide-angle pattern
Next row: BO 2 sts, work in wide-angle pattern
Next row: BO 2 sts work in wide-angle pattern
Next row: BO 1 st, work in wide-angle pattern
Next row: BO 1 st, work in wide-angle pattern
Repeat last 2 rows 2 times.
When work measures 37 cm, BO all stitches loosely (BO after a 12-row series)

So when it says next row: BO 3 sts, work in wide angle pattern. After I BO 3, what number stitch do I start with in the pattern? 4? and what about the subsequent knit (even numbered) rows? It just says to work in wide-angle pattern, but I am not sure which stitch to begin with. Also, what about the bottom after the repeat? Do I just follow pattern and whatever row I am at after repeating?

I hope this is clear enough for someone to help me! Thanks


Welcome to KH!
Thanks very much for the pattern link. It’s always a big help.
It’ll actually take 4sts to bind off 3sts so if you want to count in on the pattern row, start with the 5th stitch. However, it’s much better to look at your knitting and recognize the columns of Vs formed by the yarn overs and accompanying decreases. Make sure that when you work the row after binding off sts, that you keep the pattern aligned. It may help to sight the points on the Vs to help you keep in pattern.

Also, the yarn overs and the Slk1’s should always be worked together. If one is deleted because of a bind off, don’t work the other, just work the sts in stockinette. That’ll keep a neat edge.

Thanks for you help. I finally finished the back after much pain and confusion haha. Now I have another question regarding the front. I am working the right front before the left. What would this mean: work as left front, in opposite. The “in opposite” part is confusing. Pattern was translated from French. Also, the beginning of pattern says: CO 45 stitches and k14 rows garter stitch. Next row to final BO: work the last 8 stitches in garter stitch (k8). Is this when BO at the very end of the front? I’m just confused about the placement of the instructions in the pattern as I’d think it would be at the end. Pattern link in original post. Thanks

“in opposite” refers to reversing the directions of the left front. For example, on the left front, the last 8sts are worked in garter. On the right front, the first 8sts will be garter. The shaping for the armholes and neck will also be reverse so that they are the mirror image of the left front. On the left front the neck shaping is at the beginning of the WS row. On the right front, the neck shaping is at the beginning of the RS row.
By BO they mean the bind off at the neck. These 8sts in garter are the front band.
It may help to work both fronts at the same time using 2 balls of yarn. That way makes the front bands and shaping at the neck and armholes easier to visualize.
Just curious, why did you decide to work the right front first?