Help deciding on yarn, please

I am thinking about making the Heart scarf from Knitty for my mother. I am just turning it over in my mind right now, because I can’t find the recommended yarn or needles in my town and will need to order it, or else change everything. I am leaning towards substituting yarn, because I can’t find Reynolds Blizzard at a UK online store, and it will cost a million dollars to have it shipped from the U.S. Not that I begrudge the extra expense for a gift for my mother, but I am weird that way. I will order it if it’s the right yarn to use.

If any of you made the Heart scarf, what yarn and needles did you use? Were they different from the pattern or the same?

Has anyone used the Reynolds Blizzard yarn specified? How is it? I really want a very soft, touchable, luxurious yarn. But it seems like most yarns that fit that description are thinner yarns.

I do have 7mm (no US equivalent, but is between a size 10.5 and 11) needles. What yarn could I use and still get a scarf of a good width?

Thanks for reading my ramblings!! :eyes:

Have you taken a look at The reason I ask is because I believe you can type in the name of the yarn that the pattern calls for and find something similar in weight/gauge that perhaps would be available in the UK.

Edited to fix link.

SkyBluePink, that link is fabulous!!! I see many happy hours playing with it.

Thank you!