Help deciding on gift for teen

I am stumped here. My sister is turning 17 soon and I would like to make her something. The problem is…I have no clue what to make.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what to make for a teenager?


There are several cute cloche patterns floating around the 'net for free, if she’s into hats.

Maybe a nice felted purse with a few goodies in it?

Uhm…it really depends on what she likes, I guess!

Cozies for her portable electronics? I could have used some knitted self esteem when I was 17!! :roflhard:

If she is into purses, I would suggest a felted purse, like a booga bag.
I love mine!

Thanks for the suggestions… I may have to try out a booga bag. And hey, if I don’t think its what she needs then I will have to keep it for myself lol!

[color=blue]MMM I was thinking bags too… my daughter never seemed to have enough lol some girls love shoes she loved bags. [/color]

A shrug. They seem to be all the rage right now. And there are free patterns for them all over the place.

I’m about to turn 19 (two weeks! lol) and I’ve been really into scarves and hats for the last couple of years. Everyone’s been giving me scarves for my birthdays for years…I’m going to attribute that to being born in November. :stuck_out_tongue:
I appreciate it so much more now that I’m living in frigid New York. :shock:

How about fingerless gloves/wrist warmers? they look purty hip 17 or not. :thumbsup:

Those long skinny scarves are very in right now! Just check out any of the stores. :wink:

I dont know what climate you live in, but here at my place a headwarmer is cool!