Help! Debbie bliss teddy bear ears and limbs

Hello all,

I’ve found a lot of helpful information on this site and I am so greatful for all the things I have learned on here. I am working on a Debbie bliss teddy bear, I got the pattern from ravelry.

The thing is I am stuck on how to do the ears and the legs. I have the head, body and snout down and put together. But if anyone can help me understand this part about the ears I would really appreciate it!!
The pattern called for a pair of size 3 mm knitting needles.

cast on 13sts.K4rows. dec 1 st at end of each next row and 3 foll alt rows. 5 sts. K 1 row inc 1 st at each end of next row and 3 foll alt rows. 13 Sts

What does it mean with the part 3 foll alt row for th decease and increase part? And does the “5 sts” mean that’s what I should be left with?

Then the leg:

Cont in garter st and cast on 14 sts at beg of next 2 rows. 36 sts

The was the next step after I just knitted a piece that was co of 8 sts and knitted for 20 rows.

Any help would be greatley appreciated!!!



Welcome to KH!
If you call the next row, row 1, then decrease at [I]each[/I] end of rows 1,3,5, and 7. Yes, you’ll have 5sts left on the needle. Knit one row and increase on the next row (call it row 1 again) and on rows 3,5, and 7 (at [I]each[/I] end). You should be back to 13sts.

Here’s a video for casting on at the end of a row. You’ll see that it’s really casting on at the beginning of a row and will work for your directions. You could do either the cable cast on demonstrated or a knit cast on if you prefer.

Thank you so much!! The video really helped! I’ve been stuck on that part of the bear for a awhile. I really appreciate the help! :slight_smile: