Help! Debbie Bliss Cable & Rib Sweater with hood

Hi All,

This is my first post here and I am hoping some of you can help me with a knitting emergency!!

I am knitting (and have been on and off for several months!) a baby cable and rib sweater with hood by Debbie Bliss from ‘baby cashmerino 2’. I have been struggling with the hood and thought I had nailed it only to read ahead in the pattern and I think I have gone VERY wrong!

I realised this when I read the instructions for the front borders: pick up and knit 82 sts along right front edge and right side of hood. However the way I have knitting the garment this does not seem possible as my right edge and my right front border don’t line up (pic attached should explain better!)

I think the problem could of stemmed from when I shaped neck/started hood as I struggled with that part of pattern and got into a right mess. The instructions for this part were:
With right side facing k across 10 sts on right front holder, cast on 48 sts, knit across 10 sts on left front holder. 68sts.
Can anyone tell if this is were I have gone wrong?

I have been knitting this jumper for soooo long (since I was about 6 months pregnant and my little boy is now 6 months!) that I just want to get it finished but keep getting stuck!! Help would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to KnittingHelp! Your work on this lovely sweater is really beautiful. I think you’ve diagnosed the problem correctly. It looks like you knit the 10sts from the holders in the wrong direction on each side. You need to pick up the sts starting on the right front at the [I]neck[/I] edge, cast on 48ssts and then knit the 10sts at the left front starting at the shoulder edge and knitting toward the neck edge. In other works, you’ll begin at the right neck edge and end at the left neck edge. That way the hood edge will align with the neck and look like a shallow version of a hood which will be completed with the deep ribbing. You’re almost there and since you’ve done so much work on the cables, I’d rip out and start the hood again. There are other fixes but this would be the cleanest.

Thanks so much for your advice! I’ve taken out and re-worked following your (very clear!) instructions and I think I have it right now! :stuck_out_tongue: From looking on this forum it looks like I am not the only one to have had this problem! I don’t think the pattern is clear enough, it would help to explain as you did. Thanks again, will definitely come back for some more help if I get stuck again. Will hopefully get this jumper finished before Christmas!!