Help... Debbie bliss big bird bean bag pattern

Hi, I am new to this website and knitting,

I am knitting the Debbie Bliss Big bird bean bag, on the pattern for the beak I have got stuck.

The patterns says:

Cast on 27 sts, Knit 15 rows - I can do that bit!
New row K5, sk2topo [slip 1, k2tog, pass slipped st over], k6, K 5 rows - this is where I get stuck. When I have knitted 5 sts and sk2topo and knitted 6 sts, I have more sts left on the needle. What should I do, should I turn the work and knit the next 5 rows?

Any help would be gratefully received! Thank you:

There’s probably some indication that you repeat all or part of the sts. K5, sk2p, k6 only uses 14 sts - maybe you dec and k6 again, or repeat the whole thing again and end with k5 instead of k6.

Thank you for your answer. The pattern doesn’t say anything else, I will have a go both ways from your suggestion and see which looks most like a beak!

Thanks again