Help - Debbie Bliss baby duffel coat

Hi, can anyone help? I’m knitting the sleeve of the baby duffel coat by Debbie Bliss, and I don’t think the instructions are clear. I currently have 33 sts on the needle, and it says ‘inc and work into garter st at each end of the next row and every following 8th row until there are 49 sts’. Then I need to continue knitting until the work measures 22cm from the cast on edge.
Thing is, if I add 1 stitch at each end of every 8th row, I make that 64 rows until the work is wide enough, which will make the sleeves enormously long, definitely longer than 22cm! I have knitted 35 rows already and the sleeve measures 10cm.
I know ‘inc’ means to increase by 1, but does ‘work into garter st’ mean somehow add another stitch as well, so that you’re adding 2 stitches at each end?

Hope that makes sense!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

There isn’t an automatic increase at the end of garter rows. For this pattern, you’ll have 2 increases per increase row.
It may be that your row gauge is a little over the given gauge. I get that you would finish the increases in about 56 rows which would be 16cm, still over the 22cm total.
Why not increase on the next and then every 6th row? That’ll get you to 22cm or close enough.