Help - DD dropped my yarn into bucket of water


I was taking a shower when DD decided to take a bucket of water into the living (don’t know why). :whoosh: She knocked my cake of Alpaca Sox yarn into the bucket (still attached to my project). She pulled it out right away, but the whole underside of the cake is wet (not soaked, but wet). My sock seems unharmed. Will my yarn be okay? What do I do? :gah:


just lay your yarn out to dry it will be fine.

don’t worry i have spil my drinking water on my yarn before to no ill affect. Just let it dry gently (don’t pop it on the radiator).

just put the wet part in a towel and gently squeeze to get the excess water out then air dry. it’ll be fine.

Yep, as everyone has said just lay it out and let it dry. I wouldn’t leave that part in the cake though, I’d take the end and spread out the wet part to dry.