Help customizing a pattern with stranded colorwork

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to customize a free pattern for a knitted menstrual pad that designer Irene Birk created for UNICEF back in 2011. I wanted to use stranded colourwork to create a Wonder Woman design, but on second thoughts I wonder whether intarsia would be more appropriate since the whole pad has a 3 stitches all-around border of slip 1, k1, k1 on every WS, therefore the stockinette only starts after that border? Thoughts? I’d share a picture but there seems to be an issue with the upload on KH.

The choice really depends on how intricate the design is. If it’s really detailed, stranding would be best. If the design has comparatively large areas of single color then intarsia is called for. Looking at the overall size, stranding is probably called for.
The link works well. We can’t post large portions of patterns, even free ones on the forum due to designer copyright.


Thanks @salmonmac. I was considering stranded indeed, however, I’m not sure it is technically possible because of the non stockinette 3-stitch border. I tried and I end up with the yarn on the wrong side. Is there a trick that I can do to make it work with that border?

You can either carry each color only as far as you need or carry the colors up to the border but not into the border. You might find it easier to use 2 balls of the border color depending on whether it is used in the stranded work or only on the border.

Thanks @Salmonmac! I’ll test that.