Help! crocheting onto a knitted swatch

Hi everyone! I have a question about a simple pattern/technique that must be so obvious that I cannot find a single description of it anywhere on the web! The last line of my pattern says: “TAB: With crochet hook, ch 12. Fasten off. Join in ring at top of Tea Cozy.” I’ve seen videos about the chain crochet stitch, which is simple, but I have no idea how to chain onto the end of a knit swatch, and I have no idea what “Tab” means, what “fasten off” means, or how to “join in a ring”. I am extremely surprised that I can’t find a single description of how to crochet chain stitches onto a knitted row - it’s probably very simple, but I don’t want to guess and probably do it wrong! :help:

The previous row said to break yarn leaving a long end, and then draw end through rem stitches and fasten securely. (I wish patterns would specify stuff like how long is “a long end”, or how to “fasten securely”!! :wall: ) For the latter, I have no clue so I just pulled it through and left the end dangling to weave in later.

Thanks for all your help - if it wasn’t for forums and helpful fellow knitters, I would have no clue how to do the simplest pattern, because I can’t find this basic info on the web (googled it!) or in my reference books. :?? I probably need to increase my knitting library (or check a lot out from the library).

Thanks again! - Jessica

To chain, just insert the crochet hook through the last remaining live knitted stitch, hook the working yarn, and pull it through that stitch. You will have made another loop. Now Lather, Rinse, Repeat. :wink:

After you finish your chaining, insert the hook again into the first st in that chain. Then, break the yarn and pull it all the way through. You should then have a loop of chain & do what you feel will make it secure…talk calmly to it, tuck it in, read it a story, tell it you love it, or just weave the end into the knitting.

You are right…sometimes directions assume that we know things we dont. GRRRRR. :wall:

TAB is an initialization, not a term in itself. When I get home later today, I’ll look through my books to see if I can figure out what they’re referring to. Here’s some crochet terminology-- To “join in a ring”: chain the required number of stitches, then put your hook thru the FIRST chain and pull up a loop, this will make your ring. A “long end” is a few inches longer than you need to complete the required action. I always err on the side of caution. “Fasten off” means that you finish your last required stitch, then cut off the yarn in a long tail (long end) and pull the thread thru the last stitch and tighten it up, then you weave in the end.

YOUR PATTERN: (ch 12, fasten off, join in ring at top of tea cozy) I assume that this is to be a ring to lift the tea cozy off? Since I haven’t seen your pattern, I can’t tell you what exactly to do, but now that you have the terminology, play with it a bit and take a close look at the picture and I bet you can figure it out. I can only guess that you chain 12, fasten off, then put the hook thru the designated place at the top of the cozy and then the first chain stitch, and then pull a loop of the tail thread thru these holes and fasten off again.

I find that crochet edging books don’t really bother to explain how you’re supposed to start crocheting onto another object, especially pillow cases. It’s very frustrating, I agree.

First off, I want to say that I started out crocheting before I learned how to knit… That being said, I would have to agree with this method. Not having the pattern directly in front of me though is a hinderance. It would be a lot easier to have the piece in front of me and actually show you what to do to make the “tab” on the top of your cozy.

So, to recap:

Insert your hook into the last “live” knit stitch as Kelly said.
Chain the required amount.
BEFORE you fasten off, insert the crochet hook into your first chain and slip stitch to make your loop.
Cut yarn and pull end all the way through your slip stitch.
Weave in end.

Here’s a few links for reference.
slip stitch

Hope that helps!

Thanks everyone!

I have to redo one of the pieces because the gauge was off (even though I did a gauge swatch - I must have knitted looser on the actual piece), so I’ll try out all your good advice when I’m done & they’re seamed together. Thanks so much! :happydance:

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