Help crochet beginner

Hi I’ve been knitting a great looking Noro slipper however the last row is crochet.

with 3.25m crochet hook and working sts off knitting needle as you go wk as follows:

NR: * dc 2sts tog, 2ch, rep from* across all sts. Fasten off.

As I’m new to this I’ve been looking for a video to show me how to do this off the needle but a video just showing me dc 2sts tog, 2ch would be great

Thank you for looking


  1. You’ll be “picking up stitches and crocheting” to make those double crochet stitches.

  2. Bearing that in mind, when the instructions direct you to “insert hook in next stitch,” that’s when you’re picking up the new stitch via the insertion of the hook.

  3. This site has both written instructions and a video of dc 2 tog.

My search string was

dc 2 sts tog video

so if the video I’ve linked to doesn’t help you, just do a second search and find other videos. There were others on page 1, but my computer decided not to let me see the search again. (In fact, my computer went into such a bad “hang/freeze” that I had to quit out of my browser and re-open, losing my New Posts… grrr.)

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Here’s a video of dc 2sts tog, which is a decrease.

Sounds to me as though you want to work the loops off your knitting needle as shown in the video but chain 2 between decreases.
I could be wrong, if that doesn’t work out right, I’m sure someone else will be able to help. If you’re really new to crochet you might want to try it on scrap yarn you knit with first. Do they show what the last row should look like? Best of luck.

I’m a beginner and I often search into youtube. The videos help me a lot.
I write the abreviations and I usually find a video.