HELP Creating the Neck of a Pull-Over

I am almost finished with a sweater but have run into a BIG Problem!!
The directions for the neck shaping (front) are wrong!!
It is written in such a way that it doesn’t leave me enough stitches to shape my shoulders (as done on the back).

The sweater is a very roomy pull-over.
I have a total of 89 stitches on the needle.
I’d like help creating a neck!!

The pattern had me shape the Shoulders, on the back, by Casting Off 9, 3 times & CO 8 once = 35 stiches so I need to do the same for the front.

The pattern, also had me work the neck and shoulders separately from each other. I am open for any suggestions in creating a scoop neck.

Ever so Grateful,

The front shoulders are going to be split, but there should still be enough sts on both sides to do the BO the same way.

What’s the name of your pattern or a link to it or a picture? Or if you could write out just the shoulder shaping instructions for the front that would help. Also make sure you’re starting with the right number of stitches for your size.