Help creating a pattern!

Ok, I’m in a bit of a jam. By the way, I’m brand new to this site, so hi everyone, my name is Britte (like the Brita water filter). Ok, I’m doing a secret santa thing on a website I’m on pretty much everyday called I decided to make my santa giftee a scarf and I thought it would be really awesome to knit in the logo for RvB. here is the main website, the logo I’m talking about is the rooster and wind up teeth in the left corner above the link for news, pics, video and other things.

Ok, I’m a vet knitter but I’m not much above maybe a beginner into the intermediate level. I know I can do this (I pick things up quite quickly) but I have yet to figure out how to make a pattern into this scarf. Any suggestions on how to go about it? Or maybe someone would be oh so kind enough to create the pattern for me? I’m not looking for super fancy. Maybe just a black scarf with the white and red logo or something along those lines. maybe a red scarf with black and white logo. I’m not really sure, but I want the logo on the smaller side and on each end of the scarf. So I would want the logo to scretch out maybe…I’d say 6 or so inches high. Maybe closer to 8. Well anyways, any help you can give me at all would be much appreciated. even if it’s suggestions on a different logo that still incorporates RvB (like just the letters or the phrase red vs blue or something). So yeah. Let me know if anyone can help. Thanks so much guys!

:waving: This site is often suggested for this. Enter you picture and It will convert it into a graph.
Another way is to copy the design on to graph paper and then chart it out that way. Here you can print knitters graph paper for the guage you plan to use.