Help Counting?

I’m not feeling great :zombie: and took some meds that have my brain not functioning normally. Can anyone PLEASE help me count?

Prefelted 23 sts = 5 inches and 11 rows = 2 inches
Felted was 4.5 inches and 1.5 inches

I want the end result to be 2.75 inches wide so I’m thinking I need about 15 sts per row. Can anyone confirm this (cause everytime I do my math I get a different answer)?

How many rows though? I need 8 inches long (for the first section). Will the piece shrink 1/2 inch per 2 inches or 1/2 inch overall? Do I knit 8.5 inch long piece for felted size of 8 inches or do I knit longer?

My brain hurts and I really need to get started on this project… :zombie: Can anyone out there help me? THANK YOU…

It really depends on the yarn you’re using, by how much it shrinks, and from only the data you give, it’s hard to do the maths.

Using the data you give (and knowing that probably it’s not correct, because of differences in yarn, and the high probability of the wrong ratio) I come up with 14 stitches for 2,75 inch after felting, and 58-60 rows for 8 inches after felting.

But again, be aware that this calculation probably isn’t correct.

I get 14 sts for the after felting measurement too, but if you’re going to seam it, do you need an extra stitch or 2? And 58-59 sts for 8 inches after felting. However, it’s going to have to be felted the same way as your swatch, so you may have to check it during the felting process to make sure it doesn’t shrink too much. And if it’s a bit larger, you can keep felting it until it’s the right size.

Oh suzeeq, you probably did the maths the same way I did :smiley:
(14,03 and 58,67)

I didn’t know you could shrink a piece more by felting longer… but I never felted,…

Thanks, you guys…

I will be felting it in same manner (cause I don’t want to risk a different shrinkage by doing it two different ways) so I’ll be sure to keep watch.

Thanks again so much.

I don’t felt either, but I’ve heard that with some yarns, they’ll felt easier than others, or that you may have to felt them a couple times.