Help! Counting Rows in Ribbing

I am new to knitting from a pattern (I’ve just been making scarves until now - got to love those rectangles!) and it didn’t occur to me to count my rows as I went and now I don’t know how many rows I have knit. I’m working on ribbing and I’m not sure if I should count the holes or something else to figure out where I am (I do know that I shouldn’t count my cast on as a row, though thanks to searching in this forum).

Any help would be appreciated!


Count the number of 'V’s on the RS (yes, don’t count the CO).


Above would be 3 rows.


Yes, you count the Vs, but like you said you can think of it as the holes in the middle of the Vs as well. That is what I usually do.

I count the bumps :shrug: either way, whichever is easier for you.