Help..continue in this manner?

I am currently working on this pattern:
The rounds are not numbered,rnd. 1 they are labled Next Round , so I hope someone can help me.
If you look underneath the picture it says to
" continue in this manner, inc two stitches in eack panel evey 3"…"

Does that mean I am suppose to repeat the previous 2 rounds or exactly what am I suppose to do ?
Thanks for any and all help. I am making this for my daughters and want it to look as nice as possible.

Cont in this manner, inc two stitches in each panel every 3" until each panel has 22 knit sts.

“In this manner” would indicate you keep in the pattern as established - wide knit panels separated by purl stitches. Every time you increase the knit stitches in each panel will increase by 2.


thanks for the help .this is my first attempt at making a garment so I am a dummy when it comes to this. What do you mean when you said " you keep in the pattern as established" ?
would I basically repeat the previos 2 rounds and adjust the knit stitches in the next round as needed?

The pattern as the instructions have established is the knit panels separated by purl stitches. You wouldn’t repeat both of the 2 previous rounds, 1 of them is an increase round and you only do that every 3 inches. So just the previous round. But then after you increase, you’ll be doing K16 in every panel instead of K 14. And if you increase again, each panel will be a K 18.

As you work on it, you’ll be able to see what it looks like after several inches, and it should be easier to figure out.


ohh, okay thanks! :muah:

so just to make sure I understand correctly, I am going to increase one round and then knit and purl one round until piece is 3’ longer and then do another increase round. Is that right?
I know I am being a pain and I apologize but I want to make sure I understand correctly. Thanks for helping me out.

That’s how I understand it. You will only do the increase round every 3".

ok, thanks for the confirmation. Now I don’t feel like ripping it all out and buying one instead. :cheering:

Yes. Do as many as you need to get 3 more inches, then another increase round.