Help = Continue as set?

What does this particular phrase mean? I am working on a pattern from simply kintting magazine (British patterns) and for the first 15 rows or so, I am instructed to:

r1 - knit first 7 stitches, increase into next stitch, knit to end
r2 - knit 1 stitch, purl to last 7 stitches, knit to end

then it says “continue in set”, maintaining garter stitch border until piece measures 4.5". What does this mean? Should I keep making increases or shoud I just keep knitting without making the increases? Why would it not just say knit in rows 1& 2, keeping garter stitch border until piece measures 4.5" or so?

This is driving me crazy. Please help.


What are you making? From what part of the pattern is this exerpt?

I have the same ? as Kelly. If it’s a part of the garment that will get wider, then as set means to keep increasing. If not, then knit straight.

Those darn British patterns!!! :slight_smile:

I have a friend (US born) that has lived in England the past 6 years. She always says “apparently all British people are born with a collective knowledge of all things British” which can make all kinds of things difficult if you aren’t (British)!

that’s TOO funny! AND true! I work with Brits…I love them, but they ARE quirky! (I suppose Im quirky to them, too!)

I am making a child’s bolero shrug from “Simple Knits for Little Cherubs”. I am working on the right front piece and the pattern tells me to cast on 21 stitches, then increase into first stitch of the pattern on r1 and then into 2nd last stitch of the pattern for r2. Then, you repeat these rows for a while and the front takes shape. The original cast on then becomes the bottom right of the front piece. I hope that makes sense. So, I need to know if “continue as set” means continue to make the increases (that I listed above) or just continue in pattern…

I am so not british…

I think this was the dilemma this morning. Does the piece look like it gets bigger? I suspect that you continue the increases for a poncho. Look at the end of that section and see how many stitches it says you should have on your needle at that point. Assuming it does say. That should tell you if you needed to be increasing.