HELP! Confusing pattern instruction

I purchased the cardigan no3 pattern from myfacouritethings.knitwear and having difficulties in short row shaping on sleeve part.

Pick up 80 (84) 88 (94) sts along the armhole opening’s edge
Start the round down at the armhole opening, i.e. centre under the sleeve and place a stm at the round’s beginning. Cut the yarn.

TIP! This round of sts is describes as ‘pick up round’ when knitting your sleeve cap.

Slip 24 (26) 28 (27) sts onto the right needle.
Take a new piece of yarn and k 8 sts, cast on 4 new sts.

k 4 (4) 4 (6) sts, cast on 6 sts, repeat - in total 3 times. k 4 (4) 4 (6) sts, cast on 4 sts, k8.

You have now cast on 26 new sts and there are 5 holes along the shoulder. Those holes will be closed, once the garment is finished.
There are 106 (110) 114 (120) sts on the needle. You will now shape the sleeve cap with short rows.

  • This is where I am at the moment - Size S*


Then at each short row you will include 1 st from your pick up round, while reducing the amount of sts at the sleeves by decreasing.

Continue knitting as follows:
k the first 58 (58) 58 (66) sts and include 1 st from your pick up round.

Im not sure where the ‘first 58 sts’ i have to make when I still have more 26 sts to go to till the first round. Also, i am not sure exactly what it means by ‘1st from pick up round’ which 1st is it?

I’m not sure either. If you knit the next 58sts it takes you 6sts into the first 8sts that you knit with the new piece of yarn. The “include 1 st from your pick up round” maybe “include first stitch from your pick up round”? I’m guessing.
I’d contact the company and ask. They should support their patterns and especially purchased ones.

Thanks. I’ve already contacted a week ago and hasn’t got any reply :confused: I’d keep asking

Can you post the rest of the round after:
“k the first 58 (58) 58 (66) sts and include 1 st from your pick up round.”

Absolutely! The following next is short rows:

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 17.09.04


Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 17.08.23 !

The designer has described the each technique (K2tog, turning stitches and k2tog) with regular and turning stitches as below:

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 17.10.23

The designer says that you will now shape the sleeve cap with short rows. Looking at the photo of the sleeve, it seems to me that you want the fullness of the sleeve cap and therefore the short rows across the top of the sleeve cap from the first stitch with the new strand of yarn to the opposite side (from the 8sts to the 8sts and including those sts). That’s between the red dots on the drawing.

To do this, I would knit around the 26sts, past the stm and then knit the next 26sts to the beginning of the new strand sts. Then follow the “k the first 58sts and include first stitch from your pick up round”. That way the short rows turn back and forth across the top of the cap, each time

OMG thank you so much! That makes sense and think the designer did not mention the details, thinking we would all understand it (except for me).
So I guess the ‘pick up round’ would be the first and the last 26sts from the start point!

This forum was my last hope and the piece was left in the basket for so long but would be taken out again today! :smiley:

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Give it a try. Maybe put in a lifeline in the current row in case I’m really off base and the designer gets back to you.

(see especially 2:00min)

Didn’t know about the lifeline! Will do it :slight_smile: Thank you for the video. Im learning a lot today

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same here - learning quite a lot and that’s really interesting. thanks a lot for video and everything else. will check it all carefully.
might come with some updates if interested.