HELP!!! Confused by this part of the pattern.

I’m really stuck on Rnd 1. Could someone please dumb it down for me. Or if you can write it out step by step, so I can understand better. I’m really confused after it says DO NOT TURN. and confused from there on out.

Thank you to anyone that can help

Please click on the pic to read the pattern better.

What is it you’re making? Can you give us a link to it or a pattern name?
The directions seems straightforward up to the “do not turn”. Instead of going back over the sts just worked, sc into the end of the rows. To do this turn the crocheted piece 90 degrees so that the end of rows is facing up and you can sc into the end of the row.
It’s a bit like working an edging around the outside of a small rectangle.

Its the Leisure Art Winnie Pooh & Friends. Im working on piglets feet.
Its the part after the do not turn that screwing me up.
So basically turn it so the right sight side (the vs in the crochet) of the work is facing me and sc on all the ridges all around? How do I go from 24 to 29 stiches though.
Thank you for the help.

Just single crochet into the 3 indicated rows. Then work round 2. I’ll check this with another crocheter too.

You have increases in round 1 - 2 x 2 sc in next stitch = 26 + the 3 sc when you have turned the work 90* :slight_smile: