HELP! Confused about M-1!

Hello everyone, I am a newbie knitter. I posted about a week or so ago. I am working on a pattern from Blue Sky Alpaca called Fitted Tank and I have a question about the pattern. I have started the increases (M1).
The pattern reads:

K1, M1, k to last st, M1, K1. Cont in St st, incl 1 st each end every 8th row 2 times more.

Is M1 something I can only do on a Knit Row? So, does that mean I M1 on Row 1, Row 9, Row 17 and then Row 25? Please tell me that is the case. I refered to my Stitch & Bitch book and it says, “pick up the strand of yarn that lies between the stitch you just knit…”. I am just not sure if that is a general term or if its really KNIT vs PURL.

I am so confused!!! :rollseyes: :doh: :??

Yes, you should do it on the knit side, and you’re numbers are correct, too.

When you do a M1 stitch, you should pick up the bar between the stitches with your left tip going from front to back. You’ll notice a longer strand in front and a small loop in the back. Knit into the BACK little loop, or you’ll get a hole.


Thanks so much for replying so quickly! :wink:
That is exactly what I did but I was so worried I was doing the wrong thing! I feel like a dummy every time I have to run to my LYS to ask for help with “reading” the pattern. Everyone there is so experienced!!!

I know what the M1 term is but there appears to be many ways to do it. UGH!!! :??

That’s true. For years I only used one way and it worked for me. I think if you’re doing a design where the increases are to form a pattern, then you’d use different ones.

For a simple, invisible increase, though, the basic one with knitting into the back loop works fine.

Ok, well, I feel better now. BTW, I purchased the Denise needles and am going to take a private class soon so I can learn to work with them…

I can’t wait for this long weekend. I can work on my tank!!! :XX: :happydance:

Thanks Ingrid!!! Have a wonderful weekend! :thumbsup:

You too!!