Help: Coiling needed in pattern

I have a found a pattern that instructs me to coil—and it’s suppose to create a coiled shell for this little Nautical creature. DPNs working in the round, increasing every few rows.

"Roll the shell back and upwards, toward your left needle; insert the tip of the left-hand needle into a stitch on the shell (see photo of shell in progress). Knit this stitch together with the next stitch on the needle."
This is where I got it:

Can someone help me? I know how to knit on dpns but I cannot figure out what she means here.


Right now you’ve got a funnel shaped tube, right? This instruction is to turn it into a coiled shell. You start rolling the tube into a shell shape toward your next stitch, and grab a stitch of the fabric with your left needle. Then you knit that one together with your working stitch. All it does is attach the side of your tube with the row you’re working on now.