Help choosing yarn

Hi Knitters,
second post for me and obviously it’s a question (Ingrid, thanks for the help on the last question, I haven’t tried that yet, but I will!)
I want to knit a scarf (the zigzag scarf on one of the free pattern sites) that calls for 3-4 balls of Tahki Chelsea silk, 35% wool/65% silk 1 skein = 1.75 oz/50 g/105 yrds, gauge = 3.5 sts =1" on US9
I was looking through KnitPicks selections and thought the Decadence, Panache, or Sierra looked good in terms of the gauge, but I’m wondering about which will feel the nicest.
Decadence is 100% superfine alpaca, Panache 40% alpaca, 20% cashmere, 20% silk, 20% extra fine merino and Sierra is 70% wool, 30% superfine alpaca -
does anyone have any thoughts? It’s for a very good friend so I don’t mind spending the extra $$ for something that is going to be really nice.

Also, once I decide on which yarn, how do I know how much to get? based on the total yardage suggested in the pattern?

any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Panache sounds like it would be ultra soft to me. :wink: I would go by the total yardage that the pattern indicates to decide how much. But always get a tad more just in case. Also remember to ensure that your friend isn’t allergic to any natural fibers like wool etc. :thumbsup: It’d be a bummer to commit the labor of love only to find out your friend can’t wear it 'cause of an allergy. :doh: