Help choosing wool please

Pattern says: 8sts. And 12 rows to 5cm. (2 ins) over pattern. On 5 half mm. (No 5) needles.

Can I use this wool:
No 6 needles. 14 stitches, 20 rows to 10cm.


Your yarn is a bit heavier than the yarn called for but the best way to tell if you can substitute is to make a swatch. Cast on 20sts and work for 4-5 inches. See if you get the pattern gauge and if you like the drape of the knit fabric.
What pattern are you looking at? Can you give us a link or a pattern name?


Thanks so much for your reply.

Does this help:

And the yarn I want to use is:
King Cole Riot Chunky (link won’t copy and paste!)

Many thanks
Catherine (I’m a beginner!!!)

Very nice!
It’s a Fisherman’s rib and these are notoriously stretchy. You may need a smaller size needle than the yarn calls for. Definitely do a swatch in the pattern stitch.

Great! I love the wool and want to end up with a hippie jumper! So I will buy the wool, then experiment with the needles.

(The pattern actually states - Wendy Monaco - which apparently is discontinued).

Do you think it looks difficult?

Thanks so much for your help x

It’s do-able but it’ll require patience and a nicely written pattern. Try out the Fisherman rib pattern (uses the knit one below) to see how it goes. You might buy one skein of yarn and make the gauge swatch before you buy all the yarn required. We’ll all be happy to help should you have questions.