Help choosing size for tilted duster...between sizes

So because my wonderful swap partner sent me 3 skeins of berroco peruvia towards my tilted duster i’ve been lusting after, i’m going to order the rest of the yarn and get started.
problem is, i measure 38" and the sizes they offer are 32 (36, 40.5, 44, 48)
maybe i’m just a bit off, but 2.5" seems like a big increase between me and the next size up.

do i try using smaller needles to get a tighter gauge, and cast-on for the 40.5"?
or, do i use the size needles they suggest, cast on for the 36 and just block it a little bigger?

i’m newer to this sweater adjusting thing, and i don’t want to end up with a knitted tent. but i want to be able to close the buttons while i’m wearing it. all the prior sweater patterns i’ve knit were a lot closer in size, so i felt comfortable choosing one…this time? just seems like i’m inbetween…

thanks for your help!!!:thumbsup:

well it would depend on whether the garment is supposed to be loose fitting or not. If not, then cast on for the smaller measurement and block it out a little bigger. If it is, then cast on for the bigger measurement.

It looks like something you would wear over other items, so I would try the larger size. Do you have other sweaters that you wear in this manner?, measure the one that fits the best. Imho I think you would need at least 2.5" of ease. Sure looks nice on that magazine cover though.