Help choosing a color please

:heart:i want to knit up a pair of red socks. not too pinkish, not too burgandy and not too brick, as well as not tooo true red either. you can read and see my blogabout this ‘issue’ :teehee: i also have included, in that post, multiple color choices … so, what would you choose? one of those, or a different one altogether? and pattern suggestion are welcome too :shifty:
thanks anyone who offers help! i always seem to have trouble chosing just one … i might end up with S.A.B.L.E.:rofl:

Oh boy… in the first sample I like “in vino veritas”, in the second one… um… marguerit I think, then red rover… having a hard time with the last one. :think:

From your first choices, I also like In vino veritas. I think the others are too pink/purple to be red.

In the second group I also like Marguerit, while in the third group I like Bold red.

If it was me, I’d probably go for the Artyarns Marguerit.


I choose In Vino Veritas as well, and I even picked it before I saw other peoples’ relplies. :slight_smile: Good luck finding your color!

Perhaps it’s my monitor, but “in vino veritas” looks very pink to me. My preference would be the Artyarns Marguerit (and not just because I :heart: Artyarns, either). I’ll have to check when I get to work to see if those other ones look as pink on my monitor there.

Go to the Loopy Ewe. They just added this super cool Color Sorter thing.

This one looks really nice. It is Claudia Handpainted (I really want to buy that for myself now!) Here is another Claudia. And here is yet another. All very, very nice! Out of those I think Lipstick is my favorite.

Saw the Fleece Artist Ruby Red over there and it is lovely.

This is nice but it pretty much sold. But it has silk in it :drool:

This is my favorite, but it was hard to get and I’m not giving it up!! :teehee:

Good luck! So many great choices!!

I LOVE red too, that really deep deep red…

I have In Vino Veritas and it is not really RED, more like a deep burgundy wine color. it’s lovely, but I don’t think it’s what you’re looking for.

I’ve never seen the Artyarn Marguerite or STR in person, so I can’t say. I made the Flower Basket shawl in Fleece Artist Ruby Red, and that is more of a true deep red. I loved that color! And the yarn was so yummy too…The color was a true deep red, with just a tiny bit of variegation to keep it interesting.

The Lorna’s Bold Red is much brighter, NOT what I’d call deep at all. Red Rover is a mix of reds, with more deeper tones than Bright Red, but has more variegation than Bright Red (which is a solid). It is really pretty though…

I think that Claudia one looks awesome…but again, more variegated than the FA.

ETA Here is a picture of my FBS in the Fleece Artist Ruby Red. It’s not a very good pic, but maybe it will help you.

I’m kniting Paton’s Paint box right now, and I love the red in it. I’m voting Artyarn Marguerite

What do you plan to wear it with? What kinds of colors are in your wardrobe? I’d take that into consideration.

I like dark red (red rover second), but I’m not a big red person, prefer vary little color varation, and I like dark colors.

wow! thanks everyone so far for your thoughtful comments!

kristenw- i :heart: wollmiese too! but it’s hard to find, and i would order it direct, but i am not sure on her shipping costs :think:

yarn doc- i love the FA yarns, so thank you for the direct knowledge on comparing reds!

both my lys do not carry FA, nor much in the way of these types of sock yarn. most of what they carry is opal/online/schachenmeyer type yarns. pretty, but too much going on!

also, i do love lisa souza yarn. she has a colorway called st. valentine, garnet, and ruby … i was thisclose to ordering it but it looks a bit brighter than i wanted. and the dream in color colors look brighter on thier site then them appear in pics on flickr.

Yes, I agree. It’s very pretty and vibrant.

If you’re looking for a solid, what about Louet’s Cherry Red? It’s a deep vibrant red, not too pricey, and comes in all sorts of weights. I made Cookie’s Twisted Flower socks in the sage fingering weight and it’s wonderful to work with: