Help! Child's Free Pattern

Hi. I am looking for some help to point me in the right direction. I would like to do some knitting again. I want to do a item of clothing for one of my children. They are all under 4 and I have both sexes. Can someone show me where a good beginner-intermediate pattern is at? All the ones I’ve seen have been a bit odd looking. :?? The reason I want a beginner-intermediate pattern is I’ve never made knit clothing before. I do some apperal sewing so I’m not afraid of seaming or anything like that. Can someone help me?

Also, does anyone have a good online store for Addi Turbo needles?


Hi Jenny & welcome to the forum! There are LOTS of patterns @ I hope that u can find what u r looking for :smiley:

Welcome Jenny!
A good place to buy Addi’s is from Jeff on Ebay
Another place to look for patterns is . They have quite a selection of free patterns for kids. Go to the archives and scroll down a bit to kidswear. They have some really cute things! is not available :frowning:

It should be working. I clicked on your link and it worked. You may have to allow pop ups or cookies, though. Check out the archives for patterns from the past–that’s where you’ll find more than just the current spring issue patterns.

edit–I just looked at Holly’s link and the period was in the way. I fixed it, so that link should work, too.