Help! Charts are Confusing

Hi, I am new to this site and hope someone can help me. I am a self-taught knitter and just started to try knitting from a chart. It is alot harder then I thought it would be. i need to know how to do a Tubular Cast-On. Can anyone tell me how this is done? If possible could you tell me how to read a chart? The chart i would like to work with is on the DIY website, Episode called “Flip Flop Tube Top”. If you can help me, that would be terrific.

Knitty has a great article on charts.

Also, check out the videos on casting on at this site. For that star chart, you read the right side rows from right to left and the back side from left to right. Each box represents a stitch, knit on the front, purl in the back.

You might also want to check out the video on intarsia for tips on knitting this.