Help! Chart while knitting in the round

If I wanted to make my own pattern of something knitted in the round…say I wanted to knit a name on something that was knitted in the round…how would I follow the chart? I’ve never knitted from a chart before, and I’d probably be using this program to design the name.

Would I just knit the chart as it says without worrying about reversing the chart every other row? I don’t know how to do this knitting flat, so knitting in the round is going to be harder for me to figure out I think. :verysad:


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If that post’s confusing, she means that knitting flat, you’re alternating directions every row. But knitting in the round, you are coming from the same direction every row - that’s a big bonus!

Just make sure to place a stitch marker, so you know which stitch you’re up to, and if you want some help, google ‘fair isle’ or ‘stranded colourwork’

If you prefer, you can make your own pattern - letters are pretty simple. If you do, use knitter’s graph paper, as a stitch isn’t square, so a pattern done on ‘square’ paper will look a bit distorted once knitted.


Unless your name goes all the way around, you’re going to have a problem knitting it simply in the round. If you have an area with no contrasting color stitches, you’ll get to the end of your name, work around the rest, and when you get to the beginning of your name, your yarn will be on the wrong side.