Help changing hat flat pattern to circular

I would like to knit a cap on circular needles but the pattern is written for use of straight needles. Toboggan Hat #50535 from Lion Brand.

Are there any changes that I need to make to the pattern?

For 2X2 ribbing in the round you need a multiple of 4 with no edge stitches. So for the first part you should take off the first 2 stitches. Just begin P2, K2 and do that around for the ribbing. When you start the decreases it may get a little more complicated. I know for the first decreases you could just skip the first 2 stitches in each round, but after you start the decreases I’m not sure what happens for sure. I see further down that the rows start with only 1 st. Maybe by the time you get to that part you will be able to see what needs to be done to do the decreases. I know there have been threads in the past about decreasing with ribbing, they may help to.

Maybe Sue will have a more complete answer, or someone else.