Help changing a pattern

Help How do I change A hat pattern that is worked on straight needles to in the round… I tried to just follow the pattern but do it on circulars but the decreases where all messed up. what am I doing wrong… Thanks

Hiya carly n welcome to the party!!!:happydance:
K usually on hats done on flat needles you will be doing your decreases at each end of your rows. And if you try to translate that into the round verbatim you are getting a double decrease where the center back used to be a seam. Just drop one set of the decreases (needed on flat but not round) and continue working in the round. That should fix the problem.:knitting:

I thought most flat hat patterns did decs evenly across just like in the round?

Carly, if you would post a link to the pattern or the pattern itself (if it’s a free one) we could probably help figure it out better.

They do suz but on flat patterns that have a rounded top you are decreasing at each end also to follow the curve. If you did decreases on just one side that would be hard to stitch and match.

I thought you meant dec only at the edges. Okay that would be like decreasing at the end of the round - k8, k2tog, k8, k2 tog etc all the way around. Or something like that.

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