Help Casting On

I’m trying to learn how to cast on with the cable cast on and I understand the basics, but when I get three stitches on, I can’t get anymore because the yarn is too tight, I can’t get the need through. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi, usually when I use the cable cast on method when I’m forming the loop for the next stitch I will pull it away from the needles before placing it onto the needle for cast on. So it’s really loose, then I just pull the yarn to tighten it onto the needle. I haven’t had any problems with it being tight, maybe you can try pulling the loop out then tightening it? It would provide extra yarn so it won’t be as tight?

If you are going to do the cable cast on you need to do it loosely. When you pull the yarn through gently tug the yarn so it’s a little loose before you put it on the needle. Then don’t pull it tight, just keep going like this.

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