Help ! Cast off problem


I am knitting the leg of a teddy bear just knitted 46 Rows st st each row 30 st

Pattern then says:

Cast off 3st each end. Next 2 rows. 24st

Dec 1st at start of next 4 rows

Dec 1st at each end of next 4 rows. 12st

Next row (k2 tog) to end. 6 st

I am a beginner I have cast off 3 st at the beginning of the row and knitted to the last 3 but how do I cast off these st and is it me or do the numbers not add up as if I have 30 st and cast off 12 st over 2 rows I would not be left with 24 st.

Please help any advice is greatly appreciated.

These are confusing. You can really only cast off at the beginning of a row. The pattern wants you to cast off 3sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows. That’ll be 6sts cast off total so 24sts left. So cast off 3sts, work to the end of the row, turn at the end, cast off 3sts and work to the end of the row.
When you do the next direction, you can cast off a stitch or use a decrease like a k2tog or p2tog. These can be made one stitch in from the ends to give you nicer edges.
On the following direction, when you decrease at [I]each[/I] end, however, it’s best to use decreases like k2tog or p2tog instead of bind offs.

Thanks for that